Importance Of Keywords Researching In SEO.

By Nishikant Ingole | 2018-06-11

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Search Engine Optimization is process of optimizing your website that affect visibility of web page or website in search engine result.

Seo is like optimizing the content for specific keyword that can be long tail keyword or short tail keyword. keywords are most important part of seo.

Optimizing keyword in seo helps search engine to rank your website faster in serp i'e search engine result page.

Search Engine Optimization are the process which are help mostly to boost traffic on search engine on 
specific keyword.
Search Engine Optimization need proper strategy Which includes understanding the targeted audience their needs.
Knowing their need will help us to understand proper keyword research and help us to define proper content strategy.   
Title tag is most important part in seo using high volumed keyword help in article ranking.
Meta title, Meta description,Meta keywords, Meta Robots are mostly important in seo which helps google to crawl website.
Without meta tag, you can't reach audience organically. 
Heading tags are most important in seo in order to communicate with search engines.
Robot.txt are the file which tells google which page need to be crawled.
In terms of seo, keyword search volume is like mostly important which can be measured by using specific tools.
What is local SEO?
For small businesses that are located in a specific city or region, Local SEO is recommended. For example, businesses such as a car repair service, supermarket , medical facility, restaurant, dental practice and much more can implement Local SEO. When a small or local company implements a local SEO campaign, 
its website has higher chances of achieving good rankings on search engine results page for that particular area. This helps in boosting the company’s online 
presence along with providing great exposure to local internet users who are searching something relevant to their business.
What is global SEO?
If your service, product, or business is engaging to a target audience globally, then you should be considering Global SEO. When you are using global SEO techniques
for a search query like “dental offices in New York,” then your SEO strategies are going to target places as far as South America, Europe, or someone who is looking
for dental services in Hong Kong.
We can use some specific tool for researching keyword which are
  • Sem rush.
  • Keyword Planner. 
  • Aherfs.
  • Long Tail Pro.
  • Keyword Everywhere.
  • Keyword In
  • Ubersuggest and more.
Seo is really effective when we wanted to work on specific article or blog. vast number of people starts their online experience with seearch engine so it is mainly important that your website must need to be 
search engine optimized.
Seo is cosisting of this terms: 
  • Black Hat Seo.
  • White Hat Seo.
  • Gray Hat Seo.
Black Hat Seo only focuses on optimizing content only for search is spammy way to rank higher in google search engine database.
it is risky and illegal way for ranking high in serp.
White Hat Seo focuses on relevant content,well labled images,unique and relevant page title.
Gray  Hat Seo is combination of Little black hat and little white hat seo.
Guest Posting which is publishing or writing blog on someone else website which helps google to grow website ranking.
There are some strategy which are as follows::
  • Defining your targeted audience.
  • Keyword researching.
  • Finding opportunity.
  • Defining competitors.
  • learning from competitors.
  • Customized seo strategy
  • Seo  recommendations.
  • Priotuze and summerize.
Off page optimization techniques like directory,social bookmarking,infographics,article,pdf,pde,Q/ans Submission are mostly important in seo ranking. 
Proper Seo Techniques helps in increasing the traffic on website for particular business.
Now a Days, Seo is important for all web is best way to optimize website and boost traffic
Any business need search engine optimization technique for reaching it's helps business to get return on investment.
Seo helps in increasing visibility of website On search engines.Publishing relevant content can help mostly in increasing traffic.